One on One Private Lessons

The MUA One on One Course is the most popular course offered by Kristina Hermiz. This is a private makeup lesson with Kristina. 

In this course

Kristina will begin by applying makeup on one side of a model's face, walking you through every step of eyebrow shaping, concealer, eyeliner application, and lip color. The student will then do the other side of the model's face following Kristina's demonstration.

With the makeup world forever advancing, the makeup artists always have to be one step ahead.

This One on One Course will cover:

Brow Grooming:

How to shape the ultimate brow and create the perfect blank canvas on the lids for the perfect shadow showstopper.

All about the Eyes:

Learn the most up to date and advance looks within the industry from a flawless cut crease, the sharpest liner, and the ultimate blend and how to get full eyeshadow pigment.

Perfecting the Foundations:

This involves how to produce complete coverage using concealer, blending different texture products onto the skin, perfecting the base and how to create different finishes to the foundation.

Highlighting and Contouring: 

Covering the classic intense highlight and contour which Kristina is well-known for, and a softer alternative version of her technique will also be created.

Pro Makeup Artist Discounts:

This will help you apply for discounts to receive up to 40% off from cosmetic vendors.


We will go over how to take Instagram worthy photos and videos.

A One on One Krismetics Certificate will be awarded upon completion, along with a full product break down list.

The products, brushes, and a professional model will be provided, you won't need to bring anything with you.

Attendees are encouraged to take notes and photos of the step by step demonstration.

The fee for this One on One Course is $630. A deposit of $300 is required to secure your spot or you can pay the $630 in full.

If paying the $300 deposit, the remaining balance must be paid on or before the day of the course.